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Critic Reviews

  • "The sliced lamb with cumin can be ablaze with spicy peppers."


  • "Favorites at this Buford Highway spot include the tea-smoked duck and the dry eggplant."


  • "From the Traditional Chinese menu (which is as legit as you'll find translated into English), you're going to find something to make your belly happy."

          -Atlanta Eats

  • "The array of herbs, spices and sauces reveals a panoply of deep, strong tastes, sometimes by contrasting them with mild, muted ones."

          -Georgia Trend

  • "Gu's has quietly become the favorite among many Chinese food fanatics."

          -Atlanta Magazine

  • "This newcomer to Buford Highway uses more complexity in the spicing department and displays virtuouso technique."

          -Knife and Fork

  • "It is an enjoyable experience and one that should be shared with family and friends."

          -Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)

Review Websites

  • "Favorite Chinese restaurant in Atlanta by far."


  • "Most Chinese restaurants in Atlanta are terrible, but this is 5 stars."


  • "Sichuan food that you would get in Sichuan, China."


Food Blog Websites

  • "If the pork belly is good enough for Kevin Gillespie, it's good enough for me!"

          -Buford Highway Adventures

  • "The Zhong Style Dumplings are hands down the best I've ever had.  The sauce is unique and the dumplings melt in your mouth.  I challenge you to find some better dumplings."

          -The Dry Rub

  • "The tea-smoked duck tasted and felt like it was made with lots of hands-on attention. That went for the entire meal, all of the servers were top-notch and all of the food was very good."

          -Marie, Let's Eat!

  • "It's authentic but approachable with a friendly staff and a reasonably upscale dining room for Buford Highway.  They even have a decent selection of craft beer and wine, a rarity on BuHi."

          -Adventurous Tastes

  • "Serving sizes are just short of huge."

          -Atlanta Culinary Tours

  • "I had my doubts as I was surprised I had never heard of them before but turned out it was delicious and authentic, and now it might be one of my favorite Szechuan restaurants in Atlanta!"

          -Oh Snap! Let's Eat!

  • "While I admit that I am not the biggest tofu fan, I couldn't help but have a change of heart for tofu dishes after the first bite."

          -Fitness, Food & Fun In And Around Atlanta

  • "The pork belly, fish, and beef were as close to Chengdu as I'm going to get."

          -The Toothfish

  • "With servers fluent in both Chinese and English alongside authentic Chinese food, Gu's Bistro shines brightly even amongst the many hidden gems that stud Buford Highway."

          -One Little Pig

  • "There are plenty of dishes featuring the hot and numbing ma-la peppercorns."

          -Creative Loafing

  • "I couldn't remember when I had enjoyed a dish more."


  • "Sauteed snow pea leaves, a special that day.  Fresh, lightly stir-fried in garlic, it was all I want out of my Asian vegetable dish."

          -AlandLil Blog

  • "A goldmine of ma la and chillies."

          -The Cynical Cook

  • "Delicious was an understatement."

          -Chow Down Atlanta

  • "Swiping handmade dumplings through a sauce rich in chili oil, it's one of life's many pleasures."

          -Review Atlanta

  • "The Chengdu Noodles, along with the wontons we tried were very spicy, but in a good way where even though my mouth was numb and my eyes were watering, I could not stop eating the delicious food that was in front of me."

          -Peace, Love, Food

  • "This is now one of my new favorites, mostly because of the unique, delicious dishes served and the huge menu."

          -Amy on Food

  • "Cumin lamb and the tea leaf duck were excellent, the smoked duck, when you could get a dark burned looking piece, approaching the sublime."

          -Food Near Snellville

  • "The thing that makes Gu's goods stand apart is how clean the food tastes."

          -Creative Loafing

  • "This is exactly the kind of effort that needs to be supported - the food quality is superior, the service is super friendly, and helpful, and the flavors and textures are outstanding."




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